Welcome to the new world of money management

Today, with globalization and technology adding layers of complexity to the business world, financial managers are required to move forward to the front in managing the organization, to look wider and much deeper. 
Dealing with accounting and reporting was and will always be the core of money management, but in recent years, a significant work on the issues of regulation, taxation, business development and assistance in making managerial decisions, was added to the existing work. 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the new world of money management.​​

Agam–Eitan is a Business – Financial Management Company that provides escort and consulting services to various size businesses that need to cope with such challenges, with a clear objective in mind:

Improving the business performance of the Company and maximize its profits.

"We cannot solve problems by using the same
kind of thinking we used when we created
Albert Einstein 

Such company that compromise on its level of financial and business management, eventually exposed to unnecessary risks and will usually damage profitability potential. We have continually proven that a professional and enhanced money management, increases the company’s basket of revenue and positive cash flow.

We provide real value to our customers first by running an in - depth examination of the business management – identifying its weakness and exposure points, matching advanced and enhanced money management methodology for the company, based on its size, characteristics, needs, and the market it operates in – assimilating it and supervising its implementation in actual fact.

Our services
Outsourcing the ongoing management of the financial system​

We believe that even a small business (revenues less than 25M NIS) does not need or cannot compromise on professional capabilities of money management. With our professional supervision, the business will enjoy a full basket of services that matches its needs and in a budget that matches its abilities: 

Bookkeeping, accounts department, periodical and annual reports, financial information systems, building a budget and controlling it, financial defenses and hedging transactions, investments, authorities, and more.

Examining and managing the insurances system

Examining the existing insurances system in the business (elementary and life insurances), checking the effectiveness and the level of exposure the business has in the insurance level, and assimilate the required changes accordingly, in order to make the insurance system more efficient.

Examining and managing the agreement system

Examining the existing agreements of the business facing suppliers and customers, performing the necessary changes and adjustments needed, including leading negotiations with required factors and manage collecting of past debts.

Examining and managing the payroll system

Calculating salary and issuing pay slips with accordance to the demands of labor and taxation  laws, including building and planning ESOP.

Characterize and assimilate financial information systems

Examining the needs of the business and matching it with the required information management system, characterize it and assimilate it. 

Lead perennial work plans and strategic plans

The survivability of the business and continuous growth in its profitability, are a direct result of a professional planning and management, while using strategic planning for the long run. 

We lead the strategic planning system with the company managers according to need – escorting the board of directors, CEO, and senior management to form perennial work plans that do not remain a contingency plan. 

Managing the organizational information system and supervise it

Setting standards of organizational information management, based on the business needs, and lead the interagency operation accordingly. 

Responsibility for the purchasing system and manage it

Formulize a mechanism and working methods for the purchasing operation in the organization. 

Local business representation for international companies operating in Israel

Establish and operate representations entity or operation for foreign companies. 

Establish lean operational mechanism operating according to the international policies of the parent company, while adjusting and familiarizing with the local market.

Confidants to control and manage interagency projects 

Consulting and supervising in big\medium companies, the execution of management decisions and leading strategic moves, including managing projects. Serve as the company managers' "guard dog" in order to verify the implementation of the company strategy, lead projects and assimilate strategic processes. 

The partners

Osnat Greenshpon – Mevorach 

With experience of about 20 years in managing companies and complex financial systems, and recovering companies in the fields of Hi Tech, services, trade, real estate and holdings. 

A board of director's member in leading companies. 

Graduated with a BA and MBA in the fields of accounting, economics and business administration from leading academic institutions.

שימעון איתן

Shimon Eitan 

Tax Consultant since 1998 and an Accountant (CPA) since 2002. Very experienced in: Israeli and international taxation issues, financial management of companies (including foreign) in Israel, Business and strategic consultant in managing negotiations of complex deals. Qualified and experienced arbitrator.

Agam – Eitan crew 

"brings to the table" many years of experience in the business and financial management world, all the while striving to position its customer on the path to growth, improve their performances and provide them with the tools for a professional management of the future business world.

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